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Luxury Restaurant in Barcelona

Braseria La Selva Barcelona

Decorationin a luxury restaurant

The decoration of the place must have been studied to the maximum to make the clients feel that they are in a special place and with their own personality . From the arrangement of tables, furniture, corporate colours to mantelería, cutlery and crockery should follow the same style line .


Both the living room and kitchen staff must be trained to perform their work as efficiently and professionally as possible. When we serve dishes made with little-known ingredients the customer will sometimes not understand the added value of that dish. The waiter must be in charge of highlighting the importance of these ingredients and the work behind the preparation so that the customer values what he has on the table as he deserves.

Detailsof a luxury restaurant

Luxury restaurants share certain aspects and protocols during the service, such as the following:

Ladies are always the first to be seated and served , especially with drinks.

There will be a host or person in charge of managing the reservations , accompany the clients to their table and seat the diners.

There will be a sommelier specialized in recommending wines or in his absence, the waiter himself will help us and advise us with the choice.


The product served to the customer must be of the highest quality. Even when the preparation of dishes is not very elaborate, the customer must be able to appreciate the quality of a product. This is of vital importance in brazieries and restaurants specializing in meats such as La Selva, where the product has minimal preparation beyond the quality of the raw material and good control of the cooking point.

Ceviche en La Selva

La Selva en Barcelona calle Industria

LaSelva luxury restaurant in Barcelona

In Restaurante la Selva we pay a lot of attention to all aspects of our local and service so that the customer feels like an authentic VIP . La Selva luxury braziery is located in the right Eixample of Barcelona, a few minutes from the Sagrada Familia. We offer a varied menu with the best ingredients, fresh and of quality . Come to brasería la Selva to enjoy the best dishes, in a restaurant decorated in a capricious way and with a service at the highest level. Our menu brings together the best of Mediterranean market cuisine with Spanish and Argentinean meats of the highest quality. If you want to live a gastronomic experience of luxury reserve your table at La Selva Barcelona .