Restaurante Romántico en Barcelona

Romantic Restaurant in Barcelona

Restaurantfor couples in Barcelona

The supply of restaurants that you can find online is enormous. Even more so if we consider that in Spain we have one of the highest ratios of restaurants per number of inhabitants in the world. So it is clear that the gastronomic offer of our country has been forced to diversify in order to remain competitive and differentiate, both in quality of products and services as in decoration and atmosphere of the locals. One type of restaurant that is not very well defined is the “romantic restaurant” as the adjective romantic is quite subjective. In this article we are going to try to disentangle the most remarkable characteristics that make a restaurant can be described as “romantic” and you will see why La Selva Barcelona meets all the requirements to be considered a romantic restaurant.

What makes La Selva a “romantic” restaurant

Just like when you want to surprise your partner at home, for a restaurant to be considered romantic the rules are more or less the same: objects of natural origin (wood, plants …) original atmosphere, place not crowded… Let’s see what other features are important.


Yeah, candles never fail. In order to create an intimate atmosphere, the restaurant should have soft and warm lighting or natural light. Very blue light bulbs, even if they are few, will never help to bring warmth to the atmosphere. What candles do – or the lights that are installed on the tables – is for the people at those tables to pay more attention to what is in front of them, since they will be more illuminated than the environment in general (provided that, as we have said, the light in general is dim). La Selva Barcelona is open to the outside with large windows that offer 100% natural lighting

The smells

Smells are a very important part of the decoration that is often left unattended. Sweet aromas, reminiscent of nature, flowers or fruit will help reinforce the atmosphere of the romantic restaurant. Some of these smells can be achieved with the same layout of the restaurant in terms of furniture and utensils. For example, wooden tables and chairs such as those you will find at La Selva Barcelona (or 100% cotton tablecloths) maintain that characteristic and pleasant organic aroma. In addition, of course, the characteristics of the embers and the smell of meat.

The sound

Finally, the musical thread should be in line with all of the above. What works best for a romantic restaurant are quiet and slow compass music styles and themes, such as jazz, 100% acoustic music themes or where vocal presence is very important. At La Selva we take great care of our musical selection, both day and night. You can also enjoy live music on weekends.

La Selva Barcelona, a romantic restaurant

La Selva is a restaurant that offers a romantic atmosphere in the heart of Barcelona, accompanied by a menu with products of the highest quality. If you want to surprise your partner do not hesitate to book now. We wait for you!